What do the participants say?

/What do the participants say?
What do the participants say? 2014-09-30T08:17:40+00:00

It actually shaped the images that I already had about the present suffering and state of society and how I must co ordinate my efforts – Vikas Kumar Rorkeewal , Muzaffarnagar, 11/28/2013

The way BBP program has been explained(most of doubts are cleared) – Anish Chauhan Dehradoon 11/28/2013

The course was very interesting and I could relate to everyhting that was discussed/talked – Neelkanth Pan, Delhi 11/28/2013

Aaj ki samasyaa saaf saaf dikkhayee diya hai. Really liked the Boundaryless Concept, learnt new things from Munesh Sir, A whole new experience – Darshika Vikas Roorkiwal 11/28/2013

Amazing Concept, can change the world – Satyam Kumar Roorkee 09-Aug-13

Get to know much more than I do before. Got something knowledgeful. – Ankur Gupta , Roorkee 09-Aug-13

It is a Unique concept one has thought of. I love the way you taught economics of the current scenario we are facing – Ayush Poddar Roorkee 09-Aug-13

I am more aware than I was before – Debasmit Das Roorkee 09-Aug-13

All the parts – Intentions, Content, delivery, .. Awareness about the way (model) the world is organised. Assertions- Shishir Saini Roorkee 09-Aug-13

I like the fact that once a system has been made by someone or some group or may be it so by default but the cost that we are paying to survive in this structure is not acceptable or I can say that I got this awakening after attending this program
Ravi Saini Haridwar 09-Aug-13

The holistic picture, No blame on anyone – Stuti Jain Saini Roorkee 09-Aug-13

The motive and challenges to face in near future, we must accept the challenges – Surender Singh Rawat Delhi 04-May-13

Everything – Prakash Mohan Dimri Rishikesh 04-May-13

The commitment of Munesh and conviction in delivering it never never wavering . The Format is wonderful – Anuradha Joshi Delhi 04-May-13

The BBP touches the route causes of exploitation prevalent in Human race – Vikram Meena Delhi 04-May-13

Passion and analytical skills of Shri Munesh Kumar/ A limited eye-opener – Girish Sharma Delhi 04-May-13

The idea is wonderful and reasonable in the present system of world for which 98% people of the world required to be implemented but not aware how? Congratulations – Ajay Kumar Tripathi Delhi 04-May-13

Mechanism of concentration of wealth/ helplessness of Govt./ corruption/ Integrity / US experience/ Stress/ sub-common man
Aruna Sharma Delhi 04-May-13

It is wonderful – Ashok Kumar Thakur Delhi 04-May-13

Selection Process (ONLINE) for Boundaryless World Fellowship

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