Why is this Initiative Required ?

//Why is this Initiative Required ?
Why is this Initiative Required ? 2014-09-12T12:24:32+00:00


Today’s world is substantially different than any time in the history :

  • The world never had so much population. Naturally, never before was there food available for so many people.
  • The world was never so well inter-connected – communication-wise, transportation-wise.
  • Never before in history did everyone have an unlimited capacity to accumulate.
  • The percentage of population living in non-industrial urban centers was never so high ever before.
  • Never before was so much of money either present or held so much influence over peoples’ minds.
  • Individuals and Governments were perhaps never under so much debt.
  • Money‘s mobility was never so high…
  • The number of artificial entities such as companies, societies, fictional characters etc. were never so high.
  • Never before were there so many  goods and facilities available to so many people- never before was there so much exploitation and wastage of resources.
  • The Pace of creation of Knowledge was never so rapid – Educational costs were never so high
  • Medical facilities were never so much in plenty. And, The Healthcare was never so expensive.
  • There is research suggesting that we are living in the least violent times of history
  • Alienation amongst human beings was never so high ever before.

Therefore, the problems of today require a solution which was never required before