When did it start?

//When did it start?
When did it start? 2014-09-25T08:39:31+00:00
  • The thought of Boundaryless World has been growing over last 10 years and is an active pursuit for about two years. 
  • Well, what has the Boundaryless Initiative been doing?
  • The approach of Boundaryless Initiative is not through a ‘Faith’ or ‘Belief’ but through ‘reason’.
  • So, It has been raising questions! Normally, we eat what is served to us in breakfast and we think what is served to us in the newspapers etc.. The Boundaryless initiative finds it worth enquiring as to why is it served to us!
  • Within the ambit of the initiative, monthly Boundaryless Multilogues have been taking place in Delhi and other places for the past two years in which the interested people come together and undertake collective enquiries about the prominent  phenomenon of the present world.
  • During the past two years in the Multilogues, several enquiries have been conducted. We can’t discuss them here today but we can have a look  at them.
  • We enquired about the Micro and Macro aspects of what we observe in the world and we questioned our underlying beliefs.
  • We looked at the fundamental concerns of any civilisation and enquired into the questions related to the future of humanity.
  • Primarily, we enquired about man’s relationship with himself, man’s relationship with man, man’s relationship with things, the concept and purpose of life, The Organisation of life and its by-products, future of humanity etc.
  • Regarding man’s relationship with himself, a relevant enquiry we carried out was
    • Why is ‘happiness as the prime human endeavour getting marginalised?
    • And we found that
    • Transformation of the character of money from being a medium of exchange to becoming an instrument of accumulation was the biggest blow to human happiness.
  • We shall discuss all findings in BEING BOUNDARYLESS PROGRAM – for now, lets quickly look at the nature of enquiries.
    • Regarding man’s relationship with man, we looked at-
      • What defines the Value system? And…
      • Are the societal values impacted by the individual responses to the nature and extent of prevailing insecurities?
    • Regarding man’s relationship with things, we enquired into
      • What determines someone’s requirements?
      • Can the requirements be manipulated ?
      • Who is poor?
      • Who controls Earth’s Resources and why?
      • What is the real value of investment?
    • Regarding the concept and purpose of life, we looked at
      • What are the duties and responsibilities of Human Being(s)?
      • Why are people Insecure?
      • Why be Educated?
    • Regarding the Organisation of life, we enquired about-
      • What is the Optimum size of a human settlement?
      • What should be the maximum size of a city?
      • What factors determine where one chooses to live?
    • Regarding the by-products of our model of organisation of life, we looked into
      • How much choice does one have?
      • What does shift from ‘Made-in’ to ‘Made-by’ as a mark of quality of products signify?
      • The Medieval farmer had to give upto half of his produce to the kind. Today’s farmer doesn’t have to part with a grain.  Still he is led to suicide. Why?
    • Regarding the future of humanity, we enquired into –
      • What fundamental challenges the human civilization is likely to face over next few centuries?
      • What will continuous concentration of wealth by inevitable shifting of control of resources from being for the benefit of all to being for the benefit of few result into?

Selection Process (ONLINE) for Boundaryless World Fellowship

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