Some Core Assertions By Boundaryless Initiative

//Some Core Assertions By Boundaryless Initiative
Some Core Assertions By Boundaryless Initiative 2014-09-25T08:27:51+00:00

Purpose of Life


  • Purpose of life on earth is to experience life and the world… and not merely to accumulate.
    • Transformation of character of money from being a medium of exchange to becoming an instrument of accumulation was the biggest blow to human happiness.
    • Banking system has facilitated infinite capability to accumulate by everyone.
  • The urge to accumulate (wealth, Knowledge, Relationships, emotions, experiences etc.) is a compensation for insecurity.
    • “Goods are few and seekers are more” is embedded in scarcity leading to insecurity.
    • For ordinary human beings apart from food and shelter, education of children, healthcare and old age are main reasons for insecurity.
  • Scarcity of scarcity is abundance. There is no scarcity in nature.
    • We, due to our insecurities, create ‘scarcity’…in our minds. Our economic concerns, social relationships, political systems, even our educational models and day-to-day living patterns have come to be developed in the paradigm of ‘scarcity’!
  • Insecurity coupled with unlimited capacity to accumulate necessitates competition.
    • Belief on “survival of the fittest” intensifies competition.
    • ’Competition” is not a necessary virtue for development. Civilizations have been and can be built on the value of “mutual support” as well.


Compulsions of life


  • The basic compulsion of life is the survival of self and anyone or anything identified with self.
    • The urge to Excel is an extension of survival.
    • The ability to survive is a function of prevailing sense of insecurity.
  • Modern Mega-Cities do not offer the opportunity to produce anything other than waste, kids and images;
    • Lack of opportunity to produce enhances the sense of insecurity.
    • Alienation, Lack of social backup and resulting identity crisis further fuels the ‘desire to be someone’, the yardstick for which is accumulation.
  • For maintaining social order, the habitants of these cities have to be kept occupied – productively or unproductively, purposefully or wastefully, really or artificially…
    • hence varieties of time pass engagements get invented – games, TV, Pubs, kitty parties, tourism, bird watching, multiple educational courses, magazines, journals, shares and derivatives….
    • Markets develop around any tangible or intangible commodity.  Therefore the mega cities invent varied markets such as … marriage planning market, currency markets, commodities markets,  : and professions such as …………….media planner, event manager, wine and food taster, match-maker, nail-care consultant, interior designer…………


  • Survival In Mega cities depends on the ability to make money out of circulation and re-circulation of available (or invented) commodities.
    • These inhabitants have no choice but to make a living by way of facilitation, value addition or speculation in tangible or intangible commodities. Facilitation (trading, transportation etc.) and value addition (Packaging, preservation etc.) can at best be called pseudo production
    • The shortage of commodities available for circulating and re-circulating necessitates invention of newer commodities i.e. commoditisation of anything or everything – education, hospitality, caring and tendering, advising, fun, joy, sport, culture, festivals, spirituality, sex, time, opportunities, medium of exchange and so on so forth – basically, anything from the domain of service and of any possible aspect of life – so that these commodities can also be circulated and re-circulated – and jobs can be created
  • More and more people engaging in circulation of a commodity ‘loads’ the survival of those many more people on that commodity.
    • The natural outcome is increase in the gap between what the customer has to pay and what the producer gets.
    • Due to more and more loading the essential needs such as food, education and  health-care are progressively moving beyond the reach of the sub-common man
    • All those whose survival is loaded on a commodity are, in essence, parasites on the producer.
  • Economic activities based on facilitation, value addition and speculation offer a highly fertile ground for the corrupt thought to grow and prosper.
    • Human behavior in mega-cities is regulated more by law than by adherence to social norms.
    • Corrupt thought begins with “to do less and get more”. Speculation (to do nothing, produce nothing and get everything) is the Ultimate corrupt thought.
    • When goods and services are valued based on opportunity rather than the production effort; the corrupt thought comes into play.
    • Facilitation and value addition also offer opportunities for speculation ie. of corruption.
    • Migration from producing centers to non-producing mega-cities is because of the opportunity of being corrupt (thus, make a quick buck) offered by the later.


Organization of Life


  • State (ensuring safety), religion (satisfying curiosity) and enterprise (promising prosperity) are three predominant social formations – each based on a particular common concern.
  • These three forms aspire for more and more control of individual’s mind-space.
    • Towards this, each entity (from any of the three social formations) tries to dominate other similar entities by becoming bigger …often by acquisitions, mergers or collaborations,
    • To further enhance the control over the collective individual mind-space, each entity keeps attempting to regulate more and more areas of life, even if such areas are to be wrested from other social formations.
    • To increase their influence, the three social formations have to often compete with (or collaborate with) other social formations.
  • The state-enterprise-nexus based present model of development is unquestionably detrimental to the interests of the sub-common man.
    • It started with mutually beneficial collaboration between State and enterprise. State encouraged, facilitated and backed the enterprise with the conviction that growth of enterprise is beneficial for State’s subjects.
    • Few centuries’ back there was nothing called a company. State or individuals controlled resources.
    • Company is a creation of state. Year after year, the company undertakes enterprise, makes profit, gives part of it to state and retains the rest. As money is ‘perpetually pregnant’, the retained profits generate more profits for the company.
    • Owing to the accumulated profits, the company’s control over resources increases. Naturally, the state’s and the individual’s control over resources decreases proportionately.
    • Whereas the resources controlled by the state are for the benefit of all its subjects, the resources controlled by the company are for the benefit of only few.
    • The present model of development, therefore is responsible for continuous and irrevocable shifting of control of resources from location ‘A’ where these are held for benefit of everyone… to Location ‘B’ where these are held for (Differential) benefit of few.
    • The sub–common man (who is not a beneficiary of any company) is, therefore, a continuous looser.
  • The state is compelled to encourage and facilitate (higher and higher) profit making by the enterprises (for own survival as her revenues depend on enterprise profits) leading to (more and more) shifting of resources from “A” to “B”.
    • The pace of shifting of control of resources from “A” to “B” is accelerating with the passage of time.
    • Facilitating credit to individuals is encouraged by state so that level of production and sale, profit and state revenues can be maintained and increased.
    • Beneficiaries of location “A” are aspiring to become beneficiaries of “B” and beneficiaries of “B” are working hard to continue to remain there.


Challenges before Human Civilization


  • Pursuit of production led growth has resulted in wastage driven economies.
    • Primary Objective of the state and the enterprise is met by production and its sale. Therefore, none feels the need to focus on whether what is sold is wasted or consumed.
    • Purpose of Production /utilization of resources has shifted from ‘need satisfaction’ to ‘meeting the demand’. Demand is created by marketing strategies within the context of ‘maximization of profit’. Again, consumption or wastage isn’t relevant.
    • Wastage driven economies are indiscriminately depleting the exhaustible resources – thus, depriving the future generations of their due rights.
  • The state is progressively becoming weaker and challengeable at the same time.
    • State has no clue how to deal with the challenges of enterprise since its survival depends on growth of enterprise.
    • People have ‘expectations’ from state. Partially fulfilled expectations result in ‘disillusionment’. The same people have ‘hope’ from enterprise. Partially fulfilled hopes result in ‘more hopes’. Hence enterprises’ influence on collective individual mind space is increasing at the cost of influence of state.
    • Enterprise is increasingly wresting the domains from state as well as from religion (e.g. education, healthcare, sports, culture, hospitality, media, spirituality, sexuality) and even influencing justice, Efforts to wrest currency and security are also numerous.
    • The power to empower is slipping away from state and religion and getting concentrated with the enterprise controlled media as state and religions have to depend on media for increasing their own brand value.
    • Agents of enterprise manning the offices of state or having ability to influence these are further weakening the state as any institution turns to prostitution when opportunists sneak in.
    • The present world is no longer a Nation centric world; hence, the ‘United Nations’ is loosing relevance..
  • The present model of development has reduced a “human being “ to “human resource”
    • Notion of equality in democracies “before law” and “of opportunity” is polluted due to economic barriers.
    • Phantom Wealth chasing real goods is leading to Inflation and devaluation of sub-common man’s worth. (real wealth = food, clothing, living space etc.; symbolic wealth = gold, silver etc.; virtual wealth = bank balance, investments etc.; phantom wealth = share valuation, real estate valuations etc.)
    • For human beings the opportunity for mobility from “A” to “B” is becoming increasingly difficult.
    • Sub-common man, pushed to the corner and being deprived of the opportunity to grow is fast loosing hope.
  • Any civilization can sustain till sub-common man can continue to aspire to become common men and opportunity for that happening remains available.
    • A civilization collapses when its superstructure (creating the finest of art, literature and aesthetics etc.) becomes too heavy for the producing foundation to sustain.


Probable scenarios of the future


Identifying Boundaries


  • There can never be equality nor can there be an egalitarian society.
  • boundary …………………….
    • “Whenever I honour anything (Caste, creed, Faith, religion, belief, values, lifestyle, food habits, colour, beauty, nationality, ethnicity, age, gender, marital status, sexual preferences, profession, economic status, merit, knowledge, wisdom, health, strength, time…..anything or anyone) more than a human being, a boundary arises.”  ……….. between me and that human being.
    • All boundaries are first created (invented or adopted due to prevailing conditions) and perpetuated in mind and then expressed in behaviour.
    • Boundaries amongst individuals and groups will always remain.
  • A boundary is a prerequisite for a conflict or battle.
    • Urge to form or unite with a group is a because of insecurity.
    • Between two human beings either there can be ‘Sambandh’ (human centric) or ‘Shoshan’ (exploitation centric); There can’t be both.
  • National Boundaries, a result of Freak accidents of history, are outcome of fear of one set of human beings from the other set of human beings — they (like several other boundaries) create artificial divides amongst Humans..


Towards a Boundaryless World


  • Boundaryless world is a world in which human beings enjoy the freedom to experience the life and the world instead of getting trapped in accumulation for survival.
    • In this world the work of a person is an expression of his creative-self and not a compulsion for survival.
    • Nothing belongs to anyone… but everyone has the right to experience everything,
    • Everyone has right on  one seven billionth non-exhaustible resources of the world.
    • A Boundaryless World is a world in which human beings value each other first as a human being rather than anything else. In this world every human being connects with, cares for, respects, loves and accepts every other human being in his/her totality!
    • Boundaryless world is not make-believe, hypothetical or autosuggested world in which everyone is happy and everything is rosy; It is not unification of world or global government, its not radicalism, spiritualism, communism or neo-communism; It is not a cult.
    • Active peace can be attained only through celebration of differences
  • It is the responsibility (collective and individual) of every generation that the next generation is educated.
    • Outcome of being educated has shifted from ‘growing and developing’ to ‘earning’
    • Commoditization of education leads to ‘Merit’ loosing to ‘Money’.
    • The driver for serving (including imparting education) is ‘fulfillment of self’ and not ‘earning livelihood’.
  • Money has no inherent value;
  • Expenditure on Armies is wastage.


Creating A Boundaryless world


  • Creating a boundaryless world has two simple steps – the first is “to be Boundaryless” which is an internal journey. Next is to expand this boundarylessness across the civilization, which requires efforts in the real world.
    • Being Boaundaryless is – simply put – being yourself under all circumstances and honouring every human being as a human being
  • The access to create Boundaryless world is ‘reason’, not ‘faith’.
  • Boundaryless world is not in any conflict with the pursuit of saving animals, environment, etc.  However, these are not active pursuits of Boundaryless world. Boundaryless world essentially focuses on human beings and the organisational structures of human civilisation.
  • The transition to a Boundaryless World is peaceful and non-violent……………..(to be continued)

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