What Boundaryless Initiative Is Not?

//What Boundaryless Initiative Is Not?
What Boundaryless Initiative Is Not? 2014-09-25T08:20:59+00:00
  • Some of you may have been receiving messages about events of Boundaryless Initiative through face-book, emails or SMSs. May be you wonder what Boundarless World, Boundaryless Multi-logoue, Boundaryless Multivarsity, Sabka Ghar, Nucleus, PIVOT, Wings  Mean. These terms and their rationale will be discussed in the Being Boundaryless program.
  • Like God or Love, Boundaryless Initiative or Boundaryless World are also understood differently by different people. So, let us take a glimpse of the Boundaryless initiative.
  • When we have a make an statue, what do we do ?… We simply chip away what is not the statue. So, Let me begin by chipping away what Boundaryless Initiatives is not?
  • It is not religion or spirituality or a cult. It s not about a universal soul or spirit or It involves neither mysticism nor meditaion or prayers. It is not Babadom.... as in setting up of an Ashram or something like that.
  • It is not a commune and does not have any membership either.
  • It is not an utopian “world peace” movement. In fact, Boundaryless Initiative promotes “Active Peace” based on celebration of differences rather than “Passive Peace” based on tolerance.
  • It is not an ism like Communism, Naxalism etc. or an armed conflict or anything like that. It is not even an attempt or a demand for one world government or abolition of passport and visa etc..
  • The boundaryless World does not blame anyone for the way the world is. It is not a ‘Doom’s day Prophecy” or a “Conspiracy theory”.
  • The Boundaryless initiative does not advocate anarchy, lawlessness or non-governance. It is neither anti-law, nor anti-social nor anti-establishment.
  • It is neither a Self Help movement nor is it a charity.
  • The Boundaryless initiative is not against environmental movements or animal rights movement but these are not the active concerns of this initiative.
  • The Boundaryless initiative is not a ‘for Profit’ or ‘Not for Profit’ organisation
  • It is not a govt. or Non- Govt. organisation.
  • It is not a political movement or a political party.


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