Be Responsible

Towards Responsibility… 
 Responsible Responsible for outcome.. setting up the directions/ action plan/ Milestones / for arranging resources..
Committed Will contribute when it is required… Will still look for directions..Unlikely to be responsible for the outcome… may get stopped by resource constraints..
Associated May take up an accountability, May contribute when it is convenient to him. Will be happy after contributing
Inspired   May consider contributing but still have no obligation
 interested   May try to find out more
 Impressed   May ‘Like’ on facebook
Aware / Informed  No obligation
Unaware Bliss !!!
The Responsibility Ladder 
Expanding Responsibility Others will become responsible and take up leadership … possibility of making a difference
Structuring Responsibility Invites others to be responsible
Feeling Responsible Is a function of body : responsibility calls everyday morning… There may be unease and restlessness if no action happens
Being Responsible Is a function of soul… has a urge to take action
Understanding Responsibility Is a function of mind.. various dimensions to be analysed … action contemplated…
Assuming Responsibility Is a function of Declaration

Where are you in relationship with your purpose of life ????

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  1. Munesh Kumar

    Next PALs & HOSTs meet will be organized on 25th march 2017. Every Partners Across Latitudes are welcome to the meet.
    Thanks and Regards

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