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Whenever I honor anything (Caste, creed, faith, religion, belief, values, ideology, lifestyle, food habits, color, beauty, nationality, ethnicity,age, gender, marital status, sexual preferences,profession, economic status, merit, knowledge, wisdom, health, strength, time…..anything or anyone) more than a human being, a boundary arises.” ……….. between me and that human being.

  1. All boundaries are first created (invented or adopted due to prevailing conditions), perpetuated in mind, and then expressed in behaviour.
  2. The journey of “Being Boundaryless” involves generating within oneself the ability to connect with anyone across any boundary.

A Boundaryless World is a world in which human beings value each other primarily as human being rather than anything else.

  • Boundaries do exist. Our behaviour is shaped by how much they are respected.
  •  Porous Boundaries facilitate assimilation.
  •  Differences amongst groups of human beings (or between individuals) are rooted in recognition, consolidation and hardening of Boundaries.
  •  The Moment a boundary arises, love is lost . Only one can stay.
  • Each Consolidated Boundary creates a prison.  For any conflict to arise, a hardened Boundary is a pre‐requisite.

Individuals, families and groups tend to form/Join/ identify with groups to deal with their own insecurities. These groups also have boundaries.

  • The Groups, so as to handle their insecurities, tend to harden/ extend/ expand/ defend these boundaries
  • The Boundaryless World (consisting of Boundaryless Individuals) is, therefore, devoid of any possibilities of conflict