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Here I will try to briefly summarise the nature and purpose of the Boundaryless Initiative.

·       Broadly, we can say that the peaceful and law abiding Boundryless initiatives is an initiative for, of and by the 7 billions ordinary human beings presently living and several billions to be born.

·       The Boundaryless Initiative aspires that any human Being born ever after lives his life and chooses his endeavours as his self-expression and not due to whatever compulsions of surviving.

·        The objective of the “Boundaryless initiative” is to create a “Boundarylessworld”.

What is  Boundaryless WORLD??

·       Broadly speaking,  Boundaryless world is a world that works for everyone.   In other words, it is an attempt to understand why is the world the way it is and  to figure out if there is a better way to organise the world – in particular, the processes and bases of production, exchange, distribution, consumption etc.

What is happening in the Boundaryless Initiative? 

·       In a canvass of  past 3-4 centuries, considering the past, present and future as a continuum, the attempt is to

o       analyse and identify the driving forces underlying the present trends, and

o       examine the preferred-prevalent model of development

§       to understand what kind of future will it give us in next 3-4 centuries,

§       take a considered stand whether that future for the humanity is acceptable to us, and if not,

§       then what course -correction is required

§       and what kind of strategic intervention, at what points, can result in the desirable course-correction.

What is the progress so far??

·       As of now, the work has produced two major results:

(1)   First, the creation of a two days programme called ‘Being boundaryless’  and

(2)   Second, the conceiving of ‘Boundaryless Multiversity’ as a working miniature model based on the principles and values of the ‘Boundaryless world’ and, within that, setting up of “Sabka Ghar” near Dehradun. ­

Important Note : A 2-hour interactive session called Intrologue is periodically held to explain the initiative and the Being Boundaryless Program.

Just to add a thought! Boundaryless world is not globalisation or trans-nationalism… That will happen soner or later… even now the warming, diseases, ideas, love and hatred, religions and faith, greed and insecurity, capital, drug money… and so on, have no respect for national borders…

Boundaryless World is about no boundaries of any kind between any two human beings… the accomplishment will involve 1) human beings working on their own minds to unbound themselves and 2) We collecting taking on the institutions and issues which will impede it… such as the staunch animosity between nations due to fear of each other, the war weapon industry, redeployment of disbanded armies, inertia of national and global beurocracies, global distribution of producion activity, global disparities of production and consumption and interests which intend to perpetuate them etc..

would love to hear questions, doubts.. even scepticim and rsignation if you have about the Boundaryless World…

Selection Process (ONLINE) for Boundaryless World Fellowship

The Details of the Fellowship. Fellowship commences on Oct 8, 2018. Register for Seminar in Delhi on Sep 22, 23

To understand Boundaryless Initiative, study the First Document and other Study Material.

On the basis of your study Answer these short questions. Thereafter, we shall fix a Video interaction as final step for selection.