Voice of the sub-common man

I am one of the 7 billion people on the earth and i am pushed to the wall to raise  my voice…..  which cant be ignored…..

  I am one of the 7 billion people on earth ……. when i was born … I was empty handed… nothing belonged to me… but since i am born on earth… I have a right…. at least one of the 7 billion parts of what earth has … i don’t want more than that…. but I have a right to resist being deprived of that one by 7 billionth to me………. and to anyone else……. I promise not to take anything with me when i go back from earth…. but while i live, i will not allow my right to be usurped..

  A friend asked me that its not exactly a compliment to be invited to the page of a sub common man ………. dear friend, i was a common man for s long time in history… but that wasn’t acceptable to those who wanted to be special…. in their pursuit to be ‘someone’ they perhaps didn’t realize that i was being reduced to being a sub-common man….

  as a sub common man i worked in the coal mines of europe for 12 hours a day and couldn’t feed a family….. i sailed the ships of the great explorers and couldn’t have a family……… I was bought and sold in the market places of UK and USA by the common man ………and didn’t even have a right to my life!…. Today, i drive borrowed taxi in mumbai and sleep in that…. I clean the cars, clothes, utensils and houses of the common man all over the globe……

  for long i kept mum…. convinced that i wont or cant be heard…. I blamed myself for my situation… my luck, my (lack of) education or competence or opportunity, my karma………… and continued to believe that someone will be fair!.. I surrendered to god with a hope that he will be fair…. i subjugated myself to ‘state’ with a hope that the state will take care of me…. and i worked hard in my job with a hope that the hard work will give me my due……..it didn’t work….

  i contributed to every revolution in history ……. with a hope that my situation will improve……. i trusted, tirelessly produced and shared my production…. and shed my blood for everyone who gave me a hope ………. for every new religion…. for every new system of governance ……….. for every new pursuit of the enterprise…. and yet, i find that i am continuously being deprived and looted ……. by the leaders,… by the elite … and by the common man…. no more!

  in today’s world i was particularly charmed by the ideas of democracy….. how nice does it sound… all are equal!..! i gave myself to it… and waited for a few centuries…….. with a hope that the system will bring me at par with the common man …. and may be even with the elite….. the ideals of democracy were just too lucrative to resist………….. and i am disappointed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  i am disappointed and am wondering who is usurping my rights….and how?.. have i been naive?…… why am i increasingly getting impoverished… even when there is a political system based on the principles of equality and i have the opportunity to grow…. even when ‘the country i live in’ is ‘growing’ (the GDP growth is being bragged about)….. am i fool ? or am i being fooled?

  whatever be the cause or purpose of my life on earth….. i at least have the right to experience life…. experience the world ….Am I wrong to assume that if i have access to and control over the one of the seven billionth resources of the world… I would be able to experience life and the world?… what i realize is that i am being denied the right of that experience . systematically …. by removing my access and control of my share of resources…!

Defining parameters
(About Boundaries and Boundaryless World)

  • A Boundary divides or distances human beings (or groups of them) from one another.
  • Genesis of boundaries: “Whenever I honor anything (Caste, creed, Faith, religion, belief, values, ideology, lifestyle, food habits, color, beauty, nationality, ethnicity, age, gender, marital status, sexual preferences, profession, economic status, merit, knowledge, wisdom, health, strength, time…..anything or anyone) more than a human being, a boundary arises.” … between me and that human being.
    • All boundaries are created (invented through personal experiences or adopted due to prevailing conditions) and perpetuated in mind, then expressed in behaviour.
    • The journey of “Being Boundaryless” involves generating within oneself the ability to connect with anyone across any boundary.
    • Compassion towards those who have Boundaries is the first step towards being Boundaryless.
    • A Boundaryless World is a world in which human beings value each other primarily as a human being rather than anything else.
  • Differences between human beings exist. Our behaviour towards others is shaped by how much these differences are respected.
    • Porous Boundaries facilitate assimilation.
    • Differences amongst groups of human beings (or between individuals) are rooted in recognition, consolidation and hardening of Boundaries.
      • The Moment a boundary arises, love is lost.
      • Each Consolidated Boundary creates a prison.
      • For any conflict to arise, a hardened Boundary is a pre-requisite.
        • Individuals, families and groups tend to form/Join/ identify with groups to deal with their own insecurities.
        • These groups also have boundaries.
        • The Groups, so as to handle their insecurities, tend to harden/ defend/ extend/ expand these boundaries
  • The Boundaryless World (consisting of Boundaryless Individuals) is, therefore, devoid of any possibilities of conflict

(P.S. In the Boundaryless Initiative the ‘boundaries between’ human beings are addressed and not the ‘boundaries of’ human beings)

Focus of Boundaryless Initiative

  • The world never had so much population. Naturally, never before was there food available for so many people.
  • The world was never so well inter-connected – communication-wise, transportation-wise.
  • The percentage of population living in non-industrial urban centres was never so high ever before.
  • Never before was so much of money either present or held so much influence over peoples’ minds.
  • Never before did everyone have an unlimited capacity to accumulate.
  • Individuals and Governments were perhaps never under so much debt.
  • The number of artificial entities such as companies, societies, foundations, trusts, fictional characters etc. were never so high.
  • Never before were there so many goods and facilities available to so many people & Never before was there so much exploitation and wastage of resources.
  • The Pace of creation of Knowledge was never so rapid. Educational costs were never so high
  • Medical facilities were never so much in plenty. Healthcare was never so expensive
  • Alienation among human beings was never so high ever before.
  • Etc. etc.

These substantial differences generate peculiarities which are NOT DESIRABLE for the future of the human civilisation?

  • Purpose of life is shifting from experiencing to accumulating
  • Human beings are getting converted into human resources
  • Complaints against the Governments are increasing and Governments are increasingly appearing to be helpless.
  • Money is continuously loosing value. Inflation is high and there are Frequent Recessions
  • Cities are getting overcrowded and living conditions are deteriorating.
  • Family and other relationships are Deteriorating
  • Etc. etc.

It is natural that if no course correction is taken, and the world goes on the way it is going, it will only lead to more of these.

……..Therefore, the solutions to the problems of today’s world will also lie in a different thinking than what has been done before.

Now the question is —what is to be done?

The Boundaryless Initiative is about finding out and doing that….

Like God or Love, Boundaryless Initiative or Boundaryless World are also understood differently by different people. Therefore, it is important to understand its true nature…..


Let’s begin by chipping away what Boundaryless Initiatives is not?

  • It is not a commune and does not have any membership either.
  • It is not a utopian “world peace” movement.
  • It is not an “ism” like Communism, Naxalism etc. or an armed conflict or anything like that. It is not even an attempt or a demand for one world government or abolition of passport and visa etc..
  • The boundaryless Initiative does not blame anyone for the way the world is. It is not a ‘Doom’s day Prophecy” or a “Conspiracy theory”.
  • The Boundaryless initiative does not advocate anarchy, lawlessness or non-governance. It is neither anti-law, nor anti-social nor anti-establishment.
  • It is neither a Self Help movement nor is it a charity.
  • It is not religion or spirituality or a cult *.
  • It is not about a universal soul or spirit or god. It involves neither mysticism nor meditation or prayers. It is not Babadom…. as in setting up of an Ashram or something like that.
  • The initiative is not against environmental movements or animal rights movement but these are not the active concerns of this initiative.
  • It is not a ‘for Profit’ or ‘Not for Profit’ organisation.
  • It is not a govt. or Non- Govt. organisation.
  • It is not a political movement or a political party.
  • Not living in poverty or frugally.


  • Broadly, we can say that the peaceful and law abiding Boundryless initiative is an initiative for, of and through the 7 billions ordinary human beings presently living and several billions to be born. On the ground, it is a network of
    • PIVOTs (Places for Imagining, Visioning and Original Thinking)
    • NODEs (Neighborhoods Of Dedicated Execution), and
    • PALs (Partners Across Latitudes) : Globally spread individuals who find themselves responsible for the future of human civilization.
  • The Boundaryless Initiative aspires that any human Being born ever after lives his life and chooses his endeavors as his self-expression and not due to whatever compulsions of surviving.
    • The objective of the “Boundaryless initiative” is to create a “Boundaryless world”.
    • Broadly speaking, Boundaryless world is a world that works for everyone.
    • There is no burden or struggle in creating a Boundaryless World. (ye khelte kudte ho jayega)
    • Boundaryless Initiative promotes “Active Peace” based on celebration of differences rather than “Passive Peace” based on tolerance.
  • To begin with, the Initiative is an attempt to understand why is the world the way it is and to figure out if there is a better way to organise the world – in particular, the processes and bases of production, exchange, distribution, consumption etc.
  • In a canvass of past 3-4 centuries, considering the past, present and future as a continuum, the attempt is to
    • analyse and identify the driving forces underlying the present trends, and
    • examine the preferred-prevalent model of development
      • to understand what kind of future will it give us in next 3-4 centuries,
      • take a considered stand whether that future for the humanity is acceptable to us, and if not,
      • then what course -correction is required, and
      • what kind of strategic intervention, at what points, can result in the desirable course-correction.

…….The Boundaryless Initiative is about generating, undertaking, expanding and Multiplying such strategic interventions….and thus, creating a Boundaryless World…

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