Contribute for kitchen expenses

Click here to Regularly contribute to Sabka Ghar Kitchen Expenses

Till the time a Guardianship is assigned to you (or if you have constraints about assuming Guardianship) you can still contribute to Baalm by pledging a certain monthly amount for Sabka Ghar Kitchen and Maintenance expense.
a. Again, as your contribution is from a sense of responsibility towards Sabka Ghar (Home) and not for charity, the commitment for Kitchen expenses is for life.
b. The monthly contribution to Kitchen and Maintenance expenses are to be sent to Baalm’s account (Account Name : Baalm, A/c No. 1620002110000173, Punjab National Bank, Branch Bhogpur, IFSC Code : PUNB 0162000). For convenience, the amounts can also be paid on a quarterly basis.
c. Please send an email to after depositing the money. This is important for accounting purposes.
d. The contributions to Kitchen help reduce the amounts payable by Guardians.
e. The need for collecting the Kitchen expenses itself will reduce as the campus moves towards self-sufficiency.

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  1. Karen Molina

    Dear friends; I am Nicaraguan and I want to collaborate with this project, with a total of $ 2,000, I will look in my country, the bank providing the service transfer.

    I will contact you, when you have finished shipping management.

    Best regards.

    Karen Molina

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