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Welcome to Sabka Ghar! Sabka Ghar is the base camp for Planning and Executing the Boundaryless Multiversity and also the first NODE (Neighborhood of Dedicated execution) of BAALM (Boundaryless: An Alternate learning Mechanism). BAALM is the first ‘Strategic Intervention’ by the Boundaryless Initiative. It offers you free boarding and lodging at the foothills of Himalayas.
  • Be at Home 
  • Volunteering@Sabka Ghar is an opportunity for you to:
    • Associate yourself with Boundaryless Initiative (BI) for a life time,
    • Ponder over the assertions of BI,
    •  Make lasting friends,
    •  Experience the working of BAALM,
    • Participate in the production process,
    • Learn to manage a reasonably large household,
    •  Be familiar with Indian family values and social structures,
    • Share your life experiences with the children,
    •  Interact with local residents and visitors,
    •  Learn Hindi,
    •  Learn Garhwali/Kumaoni (local language spoken in the area) songs,
    •  Learn Indian cooking and taste Indian delicacies,
    •  Inhale the unpolluted air at Himalayas,
    • Experience the clear sky with bright stars, and
    • Enjoy the nature
  • Volunteering@Sabka Ghar is thorough one of the 7 Baalm committees.
    • BIAC- Beneficiary Identification and Admissions Committee
    • CDC – Campus Development Committee
    • CMC- Curriculum Management Committee
    • GCC – Guardianship Coordination Committee
    • ICC- Internet &Communication Committee
    • LCC – Legal Compliance Committee
    •  SMC- Support Mobilization Committee

Choose any one of the above committees which interests you the most. From Prakashda,

find out the phone number of the committees coordinating person and speak to him/her

on the phone to schedule your volunteering period and the context of the same.

Schedule your committee/project related tasks during the school time of the children. You

may also schedule your personal task during the same period. The recommended videos

are also to be viewed during the same time.

(Schedule of Children : The children normally wake up around 6:30 am, have

breakfast 8-9am, come back from school around 3:30 and dine around 7:30 pm)

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  1. i Will Interested this organization in work opportunity

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