Sabka Ghar


Sabka Ghar at Sundarikhet, near Jolly Grant Airport Uttarakhand is a Planning and Execution Centre for establishing the Boundaryless Multivarsity The Base camp is also a testing ground for the Values and principles of the Boundaryless World. Sabka Ghar welcomes anyone who is willing to work for 7 Billion people of the world.

Present focus at Sabka Ghar is on “Self- sufficiency- Stagewise in the areas of Vegetables, food, Energy etc.”.

Baalm residential school is coming up at Sabka Ghar.

An Orphanless World:

Sabka Ghar is neither an orphanage (no child is Baalm is an orphan as everyone’s ‘Emotional Financial Guardianship’ is assumed by someone who feels responsible) nor is it ‘individually’ run. As at mid-August 2014 there are 13 children who lost their parents in the Uttarakhand floods of 2013. Many more children are expected in the coming year.

There are more than 300 people across the globe supporting it from across the Globe, out of which more than 50 are actively contributing time, attention, efforts and resources.

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