How to reach Sabka Ghar?

/How to reach Sabka Ghar?
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Route : From Rishikesh…by Bus/ shared passenger vehicles, 12 Km) to Rani Pokhari…. From Rani Pokhari (by shared Auto, 4 Km) to Bhogpur (You may ask the Auto , by paying extra, to drop you 1.5 Km ahead on Itherna Road from where Kachcha road to Sabka Ghar starts. From there you can walk on Kachcha road for about a KM to reach Sabka Ghar. In emergency, you may contact Manwal Ration shop at Bhogpur Chowk for directions/ help. A car from Sabka Ghar can also pick you from Bhogpur.)

Mode of Travel

(a) Flights : There are 6 flights from Delhi, one direct flight from Lucknow and a flight via Delhi from Mumbai…to Jolly Grant Airport, Dehradun. Sabka Ghar is 7 KM from the Jolly Grant Airport. From airport Taxi stand … The Taxi to Sabka Ghar takes about 20 minutes. If advance intimation is available, a car from Sabka Ghar may pick you from Airport.

(b) Taxi from Delhi : … A taxi will drop you From Delhi to Sabka Ghar in about 6 hours. Contact Mr. Sharma 9837901652. (Depending upon availability, Mr. Sharma may provide one at a cheaper rate of under Rs. 3000/-).

(c) Bus from Delhi : Volvo buses by Uttarakhand Tourism (about Rs. 700/-) and Janrath A.C. Buses by Uttar Pradesh transport (about Rs. 400/-) are available till Rishikesh. Online reservation facility is available in both. You can take a bus from Rishikesh Bus Stand or a shared Auto from Natraj Chowk, Rishikesh for Rani Pokhari.
(d) Train from Delhi/ elsewhere : There are numerous trains to Haridwar and fewer till Rishikesh from all major Indian cities. From Haridwar, you may take a bus/ taxi to Rishikesh.

NOTE : Sabka Ghar is about 35 Km from Dehradun Bus stand/ Railway station. If you reach there, take a bus to Rani Pokhari.

Please see the following schematic map to understand the locality. Direction to Sabka Ghar


Inform Prakashda (9411113821) as soon as your plan is made.

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