By Munesh Kumar on Monday, May 16, 2011

Boundaryless World (Originally a group on Hi5 since 2005, Cause on FB since November 20, 2007, members: 1226/Group since February 6, 2008, members: 3957; Discussion-96 topics; Photo-32; Video-10; Links-38)

To cause a world in which there are no boundaries between nations, groups and men — physical or mental (Physical boundaries are expressions of self adopted Mental boundaries).
National boundaries are outcomes of fear of one set of human beings from the other group– hence they are artificial divisons! (The boundaries of states have been periodically redrawn; Are the present arrangements permanent?)

We are committed that every human being connects with, cares for, respects, loves and accepts everyother human being in his/her totality ! (How to make that happen?)

The third world war is going on in the streets (Do you agree?)- The globe is splitting into mutually hostile halves – (or fragmenting into pieces?) insecurity and frustration in the minds is converting into intolerance and aggression — We are turning insane and waiting to kill each other! (Who is responsible?)

Consider that the very factors which on one hand bind people together, on the other hand also erect boundaries between human beings. (Why do peopole fall pay to such factors?)

Major amongst these boundaries are– Identification with a nation/ region, following a religion/ faith, tuned to certain culture/ way of life, knowing certain language(s), having certain economic means/ education level, having certain occupation, being of a certain age, liking certain appearances and habits, having certain interests and hobbies…. and finally belonging to a certain gender.

1. National armies are no more required. (What share of entire human enterprise is devoted to this?)
Love in everyone for everyone is natural
One’s own Fear and insecurity obscure the natural love and affinity between men and groups of men.
Come, stay with us! (Cause since November 25, 2007, members: 644; Discussion-3 topics; Photo-3;Bullentins-3)

Enjoin everyone in the world as one family (Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam!).

This is a sub group of ‘Boundaryless World’. Those who experience no boundary of any kind with any other human being, welcome others with warmth and share what they have. This is the spirit of ‘Atithi Devo Bhav! (Guest is god!).(How has the treatment of guests transformed over history? What has commercialization of hospitality produced for mankind?)
If you have the heart to give up the barriers and welcome an stranger to stay in your house, (Is it too much to ask?) welcome to join this cause. Do post on the wall of this cause – Where?, How many people? & For how many days? would your resources permit to stay. (I recently found a website ———-)
The real test of committment to humanity will be when the stranger guest is from the other side of all kinds of boundaries. i.e. from a different country, different religion, different culture, different language, different economic means, different occupation, about 20 years of age difference, different educational level, has appearance and habits you are averse to and has different interests and hobbies. (Consider that these very factors while on one hand bind people together, on the other hand also erect boundaries between human beings).

World is basically one big family.
members of the world family staying at each other’s houses will spread love and relatedness and reduce barriers separating us from each other. (Isn’t most of the distance we experience vis-à-vis other human beings because of lack of knowledge of them?)
To let strangers in one’s house demostrates that the host experiences no boundary vis-a vis other human beings. (Why are we so scared of strangers? Our own insecurity? Where does it come from?)
‘No war for whatsoever’ campaign (Group since February 27, 2008, members: 949; Discussion-4 topics; Video-32; Links-14)
Let all peace loving human being get together and show to all powers that be that we will not tolerate war! (Why do some people want war?)

Ordinary human beings with Extraordinary committment for Boundaryless World (Group since August 6, 2008, members: 1517; Discussion-30 topics; Photo-28; Video-84; Links-47)

We may feel small, but we have the power to give up that conversation. we also have the power to generate an extraordinary commitment for creating a Boundaryless World. The Boundaryless World will be created by us ordinary humans.
Joining this group is an expression of your intention to devote your life in pursuit of creating a Boundaryless World —- in the face of all adversities, hindrances and disappointments! (Are you ready?)

Boundaryless Multiversity (Group since November 26, 2008, members: 2394; Discussion-21 topics; Photo-46; Video-97; Links-54)
The ‘Boundaryless Multiversity’ is being planned as an Educational institution devoted to the creation of a ‘Boundaryless World’. For the first physical campus of the Boundaryless Multiversirty, being planned in about 250 Acres, 2-3 probable locations have been identified. We hope to finalise one in about 2 month’s time. (Since then Jabalpur is finalised) A committed secretariat is being set up in Delhi. (Not yet set-up)
The Boundaryless Multiversity will offer residential, online and hybrid programs to people of all parts of the globe and in due course will establish campuses around the world.
The Multiversity is committed that its products will not be job seekers. Instead, they will have the confidence, ability and commitment to cause desirable transformations in communities and at the global scale.
All nations, faiths, ethnic groups as well as economic interests are to be represented in the Governing Body of the Boundaryless Multiversity. The Boundaryless Multiversity is committed to attract the best faculty from around the globe. (You may like to ask – why should they come?)
You are welcome to conceive and communicate your role in the Boundaryless Multiiversity. To begin with, do spread the word as far and wide as possible.
Visit palces of worship of other faiths– be boundaryless! (Group since November 29, 2008, members: 1736; Discussion-15 topics; Photo-54; Video-68; Links-34)

This group is one more step in creating a Boundaryless World….

Boundaryless World is not about ‘passive peace’ based on ‘tolerance’ but about ‘Active Peace’ based on ‘Celebration of differences’….(Let’s do a critical analysis of the effectiveness of‘tolderance’ based peace movements?)

‘Faith’ is usually a rather ‘rigid’ boundary… You will move towards boundarylessness if you conciously take on celebrating other’s faiths…(Is it too difficult to do?)

I know by experience that it is very confronting…. but it is so worth for personal growth as well as for creating a Boundaryless world…

If you find it difficult to summon the courage to visit places of other faiths on your own, (why should you?) request your friends to take you there…. and invite your friends having different faiths to accompany you to your places of faith… marriages and other celebrations are also great occasions to visit such places… I guarantee, you WILL have a never before experience!

Insult me… and I LOVE you… (Group since January 11, 2009, members: 778; Discussion-4 topics; Photo-8; Video-4; Links-5)
You may distance with me…. hate me …. for the boundaries you have created……….. in your mind vis-a-vis me…. but I LOVE you…I respect you…I value you….I cherish you…. more than anything that i have so far called ‘mine'(i apolosise)…..because you are a human being… an extension of ‘my’ SELF… my ‘self’ is your ‘self’ as much…. LOVE

We live in ‘ABUNDANCE’…. and tend to ‘Give’…with freedom (Group since January 31, 2009, members: 1011; Discussion-8 topics; Photo-6; Video-24; Links-25)
When we live in scarcity, there is scarcity all around, and of everything– of time, of love, of confidence, of freedom, of friends and relationships and of resources— so we tend to seek, accumulate…endlessly… the result is imbalances and contradictions… Apartments lying vacant while people sleeping on railway platforms…. food getting wasted while people dying of hunger….loneliness and emptiness while there are people all around…no fulfillment while so much to do…when our life is about taking and accumulating….we suck…
Abundance is scarcity of scarcity. When we live in abundance, there is abundance all around, and of everything… so we tend to give, with relatedness and with freedom—time, love, attention, respect, services and things… and we share– ideas, dreams, visions, happiness, feelings and emotions… compassion and passion ….and we rock!
‘Scarcity’ and ‘abundance’ are places to stand… Nature has created abundance..(it it?) There is no scarcity in nature…(Is there?) We, due to our insecurities, have created ‘scarcity’…in our minds…(why?) So, our economic concerns, social relationships, political systems, even our educational models and day-to-day living patterns have come to be developed in the paradigm of ‘scarcity’! (What’s its impact or happiness?)
Each one of us has a choice—– to stand either in ‘Scarcity’ or in ‘Abundance’– care to make a choice—‘RIGHT NOW’…
Members of this group pledge to live in ‘Abundance’, now and ever… and invite everyone to stand in abundance… so as to create a ‘Boundaryless World’ based on abundance…
LOVE and Abundance… to you, me and all!
‘Turning Point’ at Boundaryless Multiversity, Jabalpur, India (Event since May 29, 2009 : attending: 347, May be attending:822)
This event is called ‘Turning Point’ as it will be a turning point for your future, for my future and for the future of the humanity.
From Eid (21st Sept, 2009, Monday) to Chrismas (25th December, Friday) ie. For a period of 96 days (14 weeks), we will live together at Bondaryless Multiversity campus, Jabalpur. India. Every community, nationality, region, race, religion, ethnicity, age, gender language etc. from all over the globe will be present there. During these 14 weeks We will celebrate our differences, celebrate the diversity of humanity. And we will contribute to the creation of a Boundaryless World.
How shall we contribute to Boundaryless World during these14 weeks?????
• This period of 14 weeks begins on Eid, and ends on Chrismas. In between there are several festivals/ important days of different communities etc.. Boundaryless World pursues ‘Active peace’ based on Celebration of differences rather than ‘passive peace’ based on tolerance. We will celebrate these together; learn about diverse cultures, ways of life and philosophies. We shall also invite eminent scholars from different fields of knowledge and interact with and learn from them.
• The Boundaryless Multiversity is conceived in about 250 Acres (100 Hectares). We will plan the campus. We shall be able to plan and carry out all kinds of experiments for self sustainability- in terms of food, energy etc. During ‘Turning Point’ we shall discuss and choose the economic activities to be undertaken by the Multiversity in the primary, secondary and tertiary sectors.
• We shall bring clarity and put colors in the outline of ‘Boundaryless World’ and plan out a ‘Course of Action’ to make it happen. We shall also identify the blocks and address all questions pertaining to ‘Why a Boundaryless World will/ may not happen?’ and find workable ways to deal with such blocks.
• We shall discuss the scheme of education at the Boundaryless Multiversity including the outcome, content and processes of education and decide the programs for next one year. We shall also structure the functioning of the Boundaryless Multiversity.
• We shall design and undergo the necessary ‘processes’ to experience boundarylessness with each other and with every human being.
• We shall receive short term ‘visitors’ and interact with them about ‘creating a Boundaryless World’.
So, start preparing to contribute. The future of humanity needs your contribution. There are more than 5 months for you to organize your family, work, travel arrangements, finances etc.

Active Promoters of ‘Boundaryless World’ (Group since August 21, 2009, members: 522; Discussion-6 topics; Photo-25; Video-32; Links-4)

The members of this group have pledged to make the pursuit of creating a Boundaryless world a habit… a part of routine… a way of living.
Each member has taken on to devote at least 2% of their lives (3 Hours per week) to promoting Boundaryless World…on facebook… at other places on net and in real world…so you can make friends with them, write to them, share ideas with them and demand work from them…
Depending upon the members joining we shall contemplate how to go further and who will do what..

Adopt a child across all Boundaries! My tiny contribution towards Creating a Boundaryless World (Cause since Over 2 years ago, members: 650; Discussion-2 topics;Wallposts-18)

What better way to experience being Boundaryless than adopting a child from a different region, race, language, color, ethnicity and religion?
If I can afford to provide a nice human being to Posterity, why not Choose someone who deserves my care most!
The boundaries between human beings and human beings can be best bridged by valuing a human being more than anything else.
Money is funny!… My wallet is yours as much… Transcending the Boundaries caused by the wallets.. (Cause since Over 2 Years ago, members: 180; Wallposts-21; Bullentins-3)
It will easily take me a day to list out the diversified nature of Boundaries between human beings caused due to money…
I know, Its difficult to give up the money we have without getting something in exchange … but its very easy to give up the significance attached to money…(If money can secure, can there by alternative ways of being secure?)
This idea is floated through a cause so that you know with whom you are willing to share your wallet…
Lets attempt that humaneness and happiness are not slaves of money! Earning money can be a choice but why should it be a compulsion? (Doesn’t our model of development ‘force’ us to earn, particularly in the urban areas?)

1. Money was created as a medium of exchange! After it became a tool for accumulation, it caused Boundaries between human beings. (Isn’t the transformation of character of money from being a medium of exchange to becoming an instrument of accumulation, the biggest blow to human happiness?)
The need to accumulate is a compensation for sense of inherent insecurity. Insecurity is a state of mind. No amount of money can handle insecurity..
Money has no inherent value…’NO INHERENT VALUE !!’ So, it can’t create Boundaries. Boundaries are created due to attachment to money.
Giving up the significance I attach to money is critical for experiencing Boundarylessness vis-a-vis other human beings.
we are so willing to share love, food, drienks, ideas. Wh can’t we expand our ability to share money, at least with few more deserving human beings?
If you are in delhi ..lets meet in person.. (Group since January 24, 2010, members: 207) In pursuit of creating a Boundaryless World!
Its time to get together…meet…purposefully… relate with each other…be comfortable with each other… discuss plans … and take it up from there…anywhere… your office/ my office… your home/ my home/ coffee house… wherever…………daytime/ evenings…weekends.. whenever it works..
I commit to donate/ sell what I don’t use! (Group since November 2, 2010, members: 67; Links-2 (Consider what is produced not used is ‘wastage’?)
I shall impart livelyhood earning skills to someone for free. (Group since November 2, 2010, members: 61) (Isn’t it every generation’s collective responsibility to educate the next generation?))
I shall serve some stranger with my own hands! (Group since November 2, 2010, members: 45)

Serving someone physically with own hands is the most humble and humane service. Doing that to an stranger with no expectation in return forwards me on the path of being Boundaryless.
Boundaryless Multilogues (Group since Last month, members: 47)

Let all peace loving human beings also pledge that — Personally, I will not think, speak or do anything that will directly or indirectly promote, aggravate or facilitate war.—- I pledge so. do you pledge so?