When you start to look inside, that is when you begin to see. The seed of Boundaryless initiative was imbibed and initially expressed somewhere in December 2010 as the First Document posted below.

Scanned image of the document follows and a textual version is beneath.

Boundary-less World by Munesh Kumar

Point of Inflexion and Boundaryless World

Every human being passes through a point of inflexion at some phase in his life. Before the point of inflexion, his life is about himself while after the point of inflexion, his life is about something other than himself. When does this point actually arise in one’s life depends upon the experiences, insecurities, constraints, compulsions and circumstances of the individual.

That something forwhich one’s life is after the point of inflexion may also be shaped by individual circumstances, yet there is always an opportunity to choose that consciously. I chose to create a Boundaryless World. The way I see “boundaries” is:
“Whenever I honor anything (or anyone) more than a human being, a boundary arises. “All boundaries are invented (or adopted) and perpetuated first in my mind and then expressed in my behaviour. A Boundaryless World is a world in which human beings value each other primarily as human beings rather than anything else.
Creating a boundary less world has two simple steps—the first is “to be boundaryless” which is an internal journey and the second is to expand this boundarylessness across the civilization which requires effort outside of one’s own self – in the real world.

Certain practices and tests are creatable to inculcate/test one’s boundarylessness. Some of these are themes of some of the groups I created here. The second step of creating a Boundaryless world involves, inter-alia, addressing the complex economic processes of production and distribution, historical relationships amongst groups of people often based on mutual fear even hatred or indifference, etc.

On an examination of our economic ethos, we find that the model of development we have adopted for the last few centuries is based on an assumption that “resources are few and seekers are more”. This assumption which has almost universally come to be believed as near truth has given us a world with cut throat competition, ever burgeoning individual and group insecurities, insatiable needs of and efforts for unlimited accumulations, inexplicable mistrust and an obsession with consumption led growth leading to wastage driven economies.
The above assumption, however, presupposes that it is an inherent nature of things to belong to someone. This too is at best a belief and there certainly are other views possible about man’s relationship to things. The Boundaryless world chooses to adopt a view that “Nothing belongs to anyone”. Bereft of the compulsion to accumulate, the purpose of life than becomes to experience—wealth, knowledge, relationships, emotions and experiences rather than accumulate these. Boundaryless world aspires that any human being born ever after lives his life and chooses his endeavors as his self-expression and not due to whatever compulsions of surviving.

The Boundaryless Multiversity to come up in Jabalpur is an attempt to demonstrate a working miniature model of the Boundaryless World. Based on the principle “nobody owns anything”, the global representation of human beings across caste, creed, race, color, faith, food habits, nationality etc. in the Multiversity have an opportunity to live, experience life and pass on living skills as well as endangered knowledge to the next generation with a sense of responsibility and without any expectation of getting anything in return.


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