The Boundaryless Multiversity is proposed as a working miniature model of the Boundaryless World. Based on the principle “nobody owns anything”, the global representation of human beings across caste, creed, race, color, faith, food habits, nationality etc. in the Multiversity will have the opportunity to experience “being Boundaryless”, live purposefully, pass on living skills as well as endangered knowledge to the next generation with a sense of responsibility and thus, demonstrate to the World an alternate set of underlying values on which a happy and prosperous civilization can be built without exploiting the “Human-beings” by denigrating them as mere “resources”.

Why Boundaryless Multiversity?

The ‘Boundaryless Multiversity’ is being planned as an Educational institution devoted to the creation of a ‘Boundaryless World’. For the first physical campus of the Boundaryless Multiversirty, being planned in about 250 Acres about 15 km from SabkaGhar.
The Boundaryless Multiversity will offer residential, online and hybrid programs to people of all parts of the globe and in due course will establish campuses around the world.

The Multiversity is committed that its products will not be job seekers. Instead, they will have the confidence, ability and commitment to cause desirable transformations in communities and at the global scale.

All nations, faiths, ethnic groups as well as economic interests are to be represented in the Governing Body of the Boundaryless Multiversity. The Boundaryless Multiversity is committed to attract the best faculty from around the globe. (You may like to ask – why should they come?)

You are welcome to conceive and communicate your role in the Boundaryless Multiiversity. To begin with, do spread the word as far and wide as possible.

De-own for Multiversity

The Boundaryless Multiversity (A miniature, working, demonstrative model of the Boundaryless World) is planned at about 15 KM from Sabka Ghar, which was in-fact set up to Plan and Execute the Boundaryless Multiversity.

a. People have started showing keenness to take on the responsibilities of bringing up the Multiversity.
b. Few Acres of land at the site of the Multiversity has already been arranged. Few more advances have been made and some other lands are under negotiation.
c. The Multiversity will require, in stages, at least 1000 acres (at a price of about Rs. 50 Crores i.e. about $ 8 million).
d. You are invited to contribute to arranging (and de-owning) land for the Multiversity and accelerate the process of it coming up.