The Boundaryless Initiative aspires that any human Being born ever after lives his life and chooses his endeavours as his self-expression and not due to whatever compulsions of surviving.

The objective of the “Boundaryless initiative” is to create a “Boundarylessworld”. The Boundaryless world is the world that works for everyone.

Broadly, we can say that the peaceful and law-abiding Boundaryless initiative is an initiative for, of and through the 7 billion ordinary human beings presently living and several billion to be born.

Some of the Gains reported by associated Humans

  • Freedom of expression of ideas into words
  • Confidence of communication
  • Being accepted in a group of people

  • Dependable friends
  • Widening of spectrum
  • Intellectual ability
  • A new thought process
  • Being more responsible
  • Identification of fears
  • Freedom from concerns
  • Peace of mind
  • Oneness
  • Realisation of reality of what’s happening around me
  • Being practical, Not blaming
  • Similarity between India and the world
  • Being a Human Being and not merely a Human Resource

  • Understanding trends of economy & development in the world

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