Do you want to:

  • Shape the future of human civilization?
  • Take action for the same and be unstoppable?
  • Generate within yourself the required freedom, responsibility and capability for it ?
Explore Fellowship 2018-20

Fellowship – Curriculum Focus

The Fellowship is structured in 16 modules of 6 weeks each

1st to 4th modules focus on


Freedom is an individual experience of not being restricted by internal or external; real, artificial or imaginary; pressures, constraints, fears & attachments.

5th to 8th modules focus on


Compassion arises when the subject does not find himself/herself important. Only the object is important. The subject identifies himself as the object and in the world of the object.

9th to 12th modules focus on


Responsibility begins with the willingness to be a cause in the matter. After being informed -> impressed -> interested–inspired, associated & committed, responsibility arises.

13th to 16th modules focus on


Unstoppability demands  focus and ordering every dimension of the self towards the focus. It involves thinking – originally, creatively, out of the box, laterally, purposefully, coherently, objectively and intentionally  enabling continuous creation.

Fellowship – Support Structures

Fellowship is supported by a design team and a hand holding team

Design Team

  • 15 member team brings expertise in diversified areas
  • Curriculum is dynamically developed in view of differing abilities and requirements of the fellows
  • Design Team develops a module
  • ‘Hand-holding’ team supports execution
  • Mid and end module reviews are executed

Hand Holding Team

  • Handholder’s provide a nurturing space in which the fellow grows and realizes the outcome of the Fellowship
  • Handholding is via  emails/phone/Whatsapp

What do Boundaryless Fellows say ?

Tehzeeb Alam

I feel complete freedom; here I understood real meaning of freedom; I feel at home. There is no leader no captain. All are equal. Boundaryless initiative has an unique concept for peace and prosperity. I am fully expressed, self skilled and self dependent.

Apoorv Shandil

I joined to be unstoppable. I understood the complex issues in civilization and their drivers. I am moving towards self sufficiency. Many of my skills  such as acting, singing, playing, farming, writing were unearthed here which I might have never discovered. Fellowship made me realize that I am also special. I have many career options. Here, I got more than I expected.


6 months at Sabka Ghar have been musical; there are all kinds of rhythm. The expression which flowed here I have felt nowhere. I observed a huge shift in every dimension of self. Fellowship provided me a pause to sit still and observe whatever is happening. I am a free man. I have realized that either I ignore, suppress and react OR accept, express and let go.

Soni Mehra

I was the last  fellow selected in the first batch. I was so happy to be a Boundary less initiative’s fellow. I learnt experiencing in different territories. I have been a librarian and work guardian.  I experienced various life skills which will definitely take me forward in the journey towards my purpose of life.

Hemant Sharma

Here, I am experiencing life. Modules taught me responsibility. They are enhancing my creativity, capability and working capacity. I experienced debates, enquiries, teaching other fellow, knowing a new person, learning Japanese, meal planning, plays, etc. This is a place  to examine oneself and find course corrections for rest of life.

Mohammad Tahir

I analysed every aspect of Boundaryless Initiative before joining. Here, I am experiencing freedom and being compassionate towards humanity; I am responsible to create the same for the entire civilization. I feel, I will be able to create a future civilization.

Rajeev Ranjan Singh

Here I learned to face the complex issues with self and in real world. I also got inspired by self-sufficiency and made life skill projects. I am now less angry and more responsible, less accumulative and more experiencing. I have created my purpose of life. I am  aware about myself and my surroundings. I have realized that to change the world you just need to change your perception because “nothing is right or wrong”.

Shanneh Tarunnum

The Boundaryless Fellowship and the initiative focuses on human civilization. I  understood the actual concept of Freedom. I have felt my responsibility towards human civilizations.  Here, no one is a supervisor. There is feeling of equality. I feel like I stay at home. I believe that Boundaryless Fellowship is enhancing my skills, knowledge and experience each day. I have learned skills that will play an important role in future.

Amrish Singh

When I visited Sabka Ghar for the fist time, I was stunned with joy. Surrounded by high mountains, blue sky along with trees, Sabka Ghar appeared divine. I was the nature guardian and I connected more deeply with nature. I did various things from self sufficiency to analysing the modern trends. I directed a play. I became responsible and boundaryless. I am much more confident than I was before.