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Selection Process is ON. Applications are being received.

Please download  BoundarylessFellowship Application Form. After completing it e-mail  to  boundarylessworld@gmail.com.

Selection process of Boundaryless Fellows includes

  1. Completing the Application form along with essays
  2. Participating in a Being Boundaryless Program (either at Sabka Ghar near Rishikesh OR Delhi)
  3. Personal Interaction. Personal Interactions take place on the following day  after completion of BBP.
Participate in the next scheduled Being Boundaryless Program(BBP). Look up the announcements for dates and venue of BBP on the right upper corner.  Please arrive at the venue  by 9:30 am on the day of start. Inform us your travel plan and your stay arrangements(At Sabka Ghar stay facility is available). 
Please bring print outs of essay, application and date of birth certificate (Aadhar card or driver licence etc. ) for personal interaction.
Date of Commencement: 12th August 2016
During the Boundaryless Fellowship, you will be staying primarily at Sabka Ghar, in a picturesque hilly terrain at above 3000 feet near Jolly Grant airport, Dehradoon. At present 12 Baalm children are staying at Sabka Ghar. The number of children will increase. Events are regularly organized at Sabka Ghar. Guests from India and abroad visit the campus.  Experiments concerning sustainable development are  underway at Sabka Ghar.

How will you contribute to creating a Boundaryless World?

During the Boundaryless Fellowship, you will learn to walk on the pathway for creating a Boundaryless World.  Boundaryless world will be created through strategic interventions which are rooted in responsibility for the future of human civilization.

You will devote substantial time and attention for understanding the complex issues facing the civilization including: extreme concentration of wealth, rising income inequalities & debts, growing regional and local imbalances, various wastages, sustainability of development, pressures on governance, opportunity capture, unemployment, virtual slavery, growing insecurities, alienation, intolerance, violence, societal breakdowns, immigration etc. You will confront the inherent contradiction of the present civilization and the inevitability of certain patterns.  You will realize that the strategic interventions are conceived to impact these patterns.

You will train yourself in organizing and expanding an strategic intervention viz. Baalm. Gradually, your expanding awareness concerning the most fundamental trends and drivers of human civilization  will generate within you a deep sense of responsibility for human civilization along with the urge and passion to address it and confidence, skill, energy to innovate and make it happen.

How will Boundaryless Fellowship contribute to your future life ?

During the Fellowship, besides analyzing threadbare the complex affairs of human civilization, you will  have the opportunity to relate with other human beings primarily as human beings at an experiential level and an ongoing manner. work on the ground, gain first-hand exposure on managing the day to day affairs of Sabka ghar, be a role model to Baalm children, undertake, get immersed in and conclude the experiments at Sabka Ghar, expand the global Baalm network and mentor similarly inclined individuals.

The Fellowship will pave the way for you to live a self designed, connected, purposeful and abundant life. You will have the ability to conceive and execute any project. Confident of your personal, social and organizational skills, YOU WILL BE UNSTOPPABLE.

Please download  BoundarylessFellowship Application Form .  After completing it e-mail  to  boundarylessworld@gmail.com.