Opportunity to Volunteer at Sabka Ghar

Anyone above the age of 18 can apply.
Volunteering is for a period of 2 months. New Batch of Maximum 10 Volunteers commences on the First day of every odd month.
The 2 months period has been consciously chosen for optimizing the value you will derive from Volunteering. However, in exceptional circumstances, you can be permitted to volunteer for a shorter period only if (i) there is no way you can schedule 2 months, (ii) You have clearly identified an specific project to be carried out at Sabka Ghar, and (iii) You possess the necessary skills for implementing the project in the available time.
With prior approval of the Project in-charge/ Nodal Inspiration, you may continue with the succeeding batch of the Volunteers for full/ part period.
Volunteering at Sabka Ghar involves participating in an ongoing project or carrying out an approved Project of your choice.
  • Volunteers carry out the field work on their chosen project for 5 hours a day, carry out community work for 1 hour a day. If you are not the Project in-charge, you will volunteer under the Guidance of the Project in-charge.
  • You may also opt for devoting an extra hour for interaction with Children.
  • Volunteers participate in selected events e.g. Grand Gathering etc. with BAALM children and Boundaryless Fellows etc.
  • Volunteers perform Kitchen duty once a week.
  • Sunday is a vacation. Saturday can be taken as a holiday if the volunteer plans to go out from the campus for the weekend.
An Appraisal-Cum-Recommendation (ACR) is given by the Project in-charge/ Nodal Inspiration to those who complete the two months‟ Volunteering.

Living at Sabka Ghar

Single male/female volunteers stay in the boy‟s/girl‟s section of the hostel respectively. Married Couples may choose to live in the tents/rooms near Gaushala. Some adjustments may have to be made when large number of visitors come over for attending Programs.
A common Kitchen functions at Sabka Ghar. Everyone eats there.
  • In pursuit of Self Sufficiency of the NODE, one of the current focuses in Boundaryless Initiative is to experiment with Permaculture techniques with a view to increase the productivity/ production at Sabka Ghar. Several sub-projects within permaculture are in different stages of Execution. Prerena is the Project-In-Charge, Rohan is the Guiding Mentor and Gaurav is holding the Umbrella Responsibility. Permaculture is „the‟ project in which the Volunteers are engaging currently.
  • Besides Permaculture, there are enormous possibilities at Sabka Ghar around which you may conceive and propose to execute a Project. Some of these are :
    • BAALM is to expand for creating an Orphanless World (http://www.boundaryless.net/baalm/orpahnless-world/ ). You may create a project for expanding BAALM through one of its 7 committees listed on that link.
    • Planning and executing at Sabka Ghar a novelty such as Energy generation; organizing production for exchange; value addition activities e.g. food processing; Organizing/decorating some part of Sabka Ghar, Replicating a NODE/ PIVOT; Visualizing the future of BI, Boundaryless Multiversity etc.
  • You will participate in the Being Boundaryless Program (BBP) whenever it is organized at Sabka Ghar during the period of your Volunteering.
  • You may also:
    • Associate yourself with Boundaryless Initiative (BI) for a life time
    • Ponder over the assertions of BI
    • Make lasting friends
      • Be present for interaction with Guests and explain to them the Boundaryless Initiative (BI), Baalm, Sabka Ghar etc.
    • Experience the working of BAALM
    • Participate in the production process
    • Learn to manage a reasonably large household
    • Be familiar with Indian family values and social structures
    • Learn Hindi
    • Learn Garhwali/Kumaoni songs
    • Learn Indian cooking and taste Indian delicacies
    • Inhale the unpolluted air at Himalayas
    • Experience the clear sky with bright stars, and
    • Enjoy the nature
  • The recommended videos may also to be viewed during the free time.
  • Be at Home !
  • During your stay, please dress, speak and behave consistent with the local culture (e.g.kissing/necking/holding hands in public is alien to Indian culture).
  • Sabka Ghar is an alcohol/narcotics prohibited zone. If you smoke, do so only when you are away from the children.
  • Foul language, noise and loud music are undesirable.
  • In the interest of your own security, do not venture out alone in the dark. Going out of the campus or any night visits in the campus have to be in groups and with prior approval of Prakash Da. Always carry a pocket torch with you in the night.
  • Boundaryless Fellows : have their own schedule of activities. However, they also participate in the Projects. The interaction with them is during the project activities, during meal-time, Play-time, free time and in the common events.
  • Baalm Children (No interaction after 10pm) (Schedule of Children :The children normally wake up around 6:30 am, have breakfast 8-9am, come back from school around 3:30 and dine around 7:30 pm). You may …
    • Share your life experiences with the children
    • like to wake up early and interact with children before they leave for school
    • offer to assist the children with their homework and check their daily diary
    • check and help with the personal hygiene of children and ensure that the First Aid Box is adequately stocked.
    • teach English and Maths to children
    • teach selected children your own mother tongue and learn Hindi.
    • teach them painting, self-defense, skill based activities etc.
    • involve them in reading English stories from their textbooks
    • like to narrate children’s stories from your own folk lore and culture, show them videos that  are popular among children in your country, share your own experience of your own school time and the geography, climate, history and heros of your country and culture
    • show them the place where you stay through Google maps etc. and show them your school, house, place of work and worship etc.
    • You may undertake a project with the children such as:
      • Conceiving and producing a short movie, capturing the background and story of a child through picture/video (be certain that any such movie or project is autobiographical and brings out/conveys the child‟s point of view. Please ensure that the final product is seen by Prakash da before it is posted on social media etc.),
      • Imparting skill based/technical training to children such as plumbing, farming operations, knitting, weaving, cooking etc.which will help them solve their routine problems in life. Interact with Prakash Da for any tools etc.that you may require for the project.
  • Do not
    • insist on taking children out of the campus
    • praise/behave with some children in a manner that other children feel belittled
  • It will be more productive if you inform the children a day in advance about the organized sessions you may be conducting with them.

Starting and completing

  • When your travel plan is ready, Inform Prakashda (9411113821) about the same. He will inform the Module Host about your arrival and your settling down will be smooth.
  • On Arrival, Handover a copy of your passport and travel documents to Prakash Da. Ensure that your arrival report is sent to Local Intelligence Unit (LIU).
  • Complete  a volunteers feedback form (online or Offline),
  • Collect all your belongings carefully,
  • Do not give any money to anyone,
  • Hand over the project reports etc. that you have made to Prakash Da.