About Boundaryless Initiative

About Boundaryless Initiative Here I will try to briefly summarise the nature and purpose of the Boundaryless Initiative. · Broadly, we can say that the peaceful and law abiding Boundryless initiatives is an initiative for, of and by the 7 billions ordinary human beings presently living and several billions to be born. · The Boundaryless [...]

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Groups and Causes on Facebook for creating a Boundaryless World

By Munesh Kumar on Monday, May 16, 2011 Boundaryless World (Originally a group on Hi5 since 2005, Cause on FB since November 20, 2007, members: 1226/Group since February 6, 2008, members: 3957; Discussion-96 topics; Photo-32; Video-10; Links-38) To cause a world in which there are no boundaries between nations, groups and men -- physical or [...]

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Source December 1, 2007 at 4:20pm Each one of us has a choice! Either to dwell in the scepticism and be overpowered by the reasons why a Bounadryless World can not be created OR To generate and spread a committment that it will happen, no matter what... CHOICE IS YOURS!!!

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