The ultimate aim of life is not knowledge but action. The first step is always necessary for making a thousand-mile journey. A seeker who was treading a path to self-realization finally discovered a framework for living, based on two realizations which he had so far.

“I’m accountable for my existence”
“I’m a contributing factor in designing tomorrow’s world”

We humans create our own circumstances. Imbibing the sense of being responsible for society is fundamental in designing a self-designed life. People get lost in the vastness of the world due to the illusions created by mankind.

The seeker too lost himself in the wonders of humans creations. Missing of a purpose in life which works as a driving factor for everyone had been the greatest vacuum in his life for him. The search for it through enlightening or mystic experience came to an end as it no longer appealed to him. Whether the purpose of life exists or not is just a choice. So, having a purpose can add meaning to life which will create an impact in the days to come.

If any human being feels the pain for the miseries of the existing world, there is a Boundarylessness within that person. The Boundaryless WORLD fellowship has been a life-changing experience for him. The learnings have been an enriching experience. It helped him to expand the self and find himself existing at every chapter of civilization.
This brought about the expansion of the mind and triggered to think in the context of civilization. As every thoughts and action shape the upcoming generations, this led to the creation of a self-designed purpose of life, which is aligned with creating a Boundaryless WORLD.

Analyzing the conditioning and learning about civilization is a never-ending process, So, initiating action is essential. Only the journey from self to others has to be made which is the “Being Boundaryless” journey.

– Dibyajyoti Nath
  Fellow 2017 Batch