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The Boundaryless Multiversity (A miniature, working, demonstrative model of the Boundaryless World) is planned at about 15 KM from Sabka Ghar, which was in-fact set up to Plan and Execute the Boundaryless Multiversity.

a. People have started showing keenness to take on the responsibilities of bringing up the Multiversity.
b. Few Acres of land at the site of the Multiversity has already been arranged. Few more advances have been made and some other lands are under negotiation.
c. The Multiversity will require, in stages, at least 1000 acres (at a price of about Rs. 50 Crores i.e. about $ 8 million).
d. You are invited to contribute to arranging (and de-owning) land for the Multiversity and accelerate the process of it coming up.

Selection Process (ONLINE) for Boundaryless World Fellowship

The Details of the Fellowship. Fellowship commences on Oct 8, 2018. Register for Seminar in Delhi on Sep 22, 23

To understand Boundaryless Initiative, study the First Document and other Study Material.

On the basis of your study Answer these short questions. Thereafter, we shall fix a Video interaction as final step for selection.