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Are you game for creating a Boundaryless World? …. if yes… Be a Boundaryless PAL and CONTRIBUTE… you may like to know a little about the initiative before that …View This

Just a word of caution: Be a PAL only if you connect with the idea and not just because you connect with me …( I was born … and am likely to be on earth for some 70 odd years or so … That we can call is the outer-most periphery of ‘Munesh’… During this ‘existence’ I have certain traits…likes and dislikes… good / bad …certain events… whatever! (so do you)…… So, if you connect with me …. the focus of the relatedness is on these things… things like birthday/ health/ posting… and our relatedness gets consumed by these things… On the other hand …An idea … say the Boundaryless Initiative isn’t limited by my existence on earth.. and if you connect with that idea… then ‘forwarding that idea’ also gets included within the focus of our relatedness… Further, if you are connected with Munesh… Then, boundaryless initiative is something about Munesh (the person)… but if you connect with the Idea (and connect with Munesh as the carrier of that idea)… the possibility of you yourself turning into a carrier of the idea begins to arise… and the possibility of a Boundaryless World getting created increases …)

Boundaryless Partners Across Latitudes’ (PALs) Obligations: (Please tick whatever works for you…)

1.     Continuously keep creating freedom and Happiness.

2.     Continuously keep shifting from expectation to acceptance

3.     Continuously keeps shifting from reacting to creating

4.     Continuously create an experience of abundance and prosperity

5.     Be in action

6.     Continuously keep moving towards expanding responsibility

7.     Be interested in other PALs

8.     Be in Communication on

9.     Send updates on action taken to (at least monthly)

10.    Visit this website regularly, review it once a month and send feedback

11.    Schedule yourself to participate in BBP at least once a Quarter (if you are in India) and once every two years (if you are out of India)… choose your BBP dates here

12.    Keep Looking for opportunities to introduce Boundaryless Initiative to people (You may view the You-tube Video together and discuss)

View This Video

13.    Be associated with at least one Baalm committee/Process Choose a process to associate with

14.    Get involved with Design and delivery of Being Boundaryless Program (BBP)

15.    Keep looking for setting up a new PIVOT (Place for Imagining, Visioning and Original thinking) /New Node (like Sabka Ghar)

16.    Keep Looking for creating a new strategic intervention

17.   Periodically visit the Baalm works ahead doc and own up whatever way you can contribute

Choose whatever else you would like to take up

Click Here to declare yourself a Boundaryless PAL


Selection Process (ONLINE) for Boundaryless World Fellowship

The Details of the Fellowship. Fellowship commences on Oct 8, 2018. Register for Seminar in Delhi on Sep 22, 23

To understand Boundaryless Initiative, study the First Document and other Study Material.

On the basis of your study Answer these short questions. Thereafter, we shall fix a Video interaction as final step for selection.