Invitation for Creating an Orphanless World

You have long been an inspiration for creating a Boundaryless World. We may not have met ever before, we may be thousands of miles away from each other, you may already have lots of work to do, yet  here is an opportunity to work together and convert our shared thoughts into actions and outcomes.

The thought of Boundaryless initiative has been continuously growing in Multilogues and other discussions. . ‘Sabka Ghar’ (Everybody’s home) is operational for about an year and half and is ready for activities. Figuratively, from the seed of Boundaryless initiative the first leaves are sprouting in the form of ‘Baalm’.

Boundaryless initiative, in essence, is a body of ‘Assertions’. There are a number of assertions which  are elaborately discussed in the two-day ‘Being Boundaryless Program’.

One of the Assetions is —
“It is the collective responsibility of every generation that the next generation is educated’.

Each ‘Assertion’ gives rise to some ‘Inspirations’. One of the inspirations emerging from the above assertion is an ‘Orphanless World’.

Each Inspiration is bound to generate some activities. ‘Baalm’ is an activity ispired by an ‘Orphanless world’.

‘Baalm’ (with a soothing-healing touch) is a residential school for children who have lost either of their parents. ‘Sabka Ghar’ is housing the school.

To begin with children affected in the recent unprecedented nature’s fury in ‘Uttarakhand’ (a small Hill state in North India ravaged by cloudbursts and flash floods) are being admitted in the residential school. Eventually, such schools can come up in all parts of the world for similar children. Imagine a Jamaican family living in France providing guardianship to a Japanese child in a school in Syria…. Isn’t an Orphanless World necessary for creating a Boundaryless World?

The activity is expanding every hour. So far, 62 people from all parts of the world are contributing through one or the other committees set up to manage the activity. 18 children have been identified/ contacted. Offers for guardianship have been received for 24 children. 12 people have contributed/ promised funds for infrastructure and another 5 have promised monthly Kitchen expenses…..

If you have read this far, Let me invite you to join one (or more) of the following committees. If you have any concerns about you being in a different time zone/ not being able to physically be present/ paucity of time in your hand etc… I invite you to give them up. The committees function through googlegroups. There are many processes which require only online work. Some processes have only occasional work. Your presence / guidance/ suggestions themselves are valuable.

The committees are–

1. Beneficiery Identification and Admissions Committee (BIAC)

2. Internet and Communications Committee (ICC)

3. Legal Processing Committee (LPC)

4. Guardianship Coordination Committee (GCC)

5. Resource Mobilisation Committee (RMC)

6. Campus Development committee (CDC)

7. Curriculum Management Committee (CMC)

To  get into a  committee write the Committee name and your email ID as a comment on this note.

Looking forward to working with you….

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