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Children who recquire Emotional- Financial guardianship

Children who require Emotional- Financial guardianship

Hi friends,Thank you for watching, liking, being inspiring for baalm. The huge eencouragementreceived from all of you has accelerated the activity. During the BIAC committee’s verification visit to Yamunotri Ghati on 23rd and 24th… 25 children who lost their parents in the natural disaster came to meet them with their relatives/ neighbours… some travelled 20 Km on foot to meet them.  the residential school is to start on 14 Nov.


For those of you who have joined the committees, your courage and commitment is inspiring. To have an intention to contribute to something through which no vested interest will be served is beyond ordinary. congratulations and thanks…. The congratulation is for reaching that stage in your life’s journey where your concerns go beyond your own self…. and the ‘thanks’ is my expression of gratitude as your intention strengthens everybody’s intention. This alignment of intentions is encouraging, reassuring and relieving… simultaneously! Yet, you would agree that the conversion of intention into outcome is a process. The process demands commitment in the domain of being and time and involvement in the domain of action. It also may demand sacrifice at times… but our endeavour ought to be to foresee such situations and take timely steps so that the need for sacrifice does not arise.


Baalm BIAC team welcomes children etc.


Therefore, the effort that has to go into baalm producing the desired outcome is sought to be packeted in small processes which can be carried out without an experience of burden. several people making small contributions will add up to big results …. provided the small contributions are coherantly integrated.We are connected as a network. In this structure, a process owners relieves the rest of the baalm contributors from the anxiety of having to bother about that small bit. Secondly, if someone has a suggestion about any aspect, he/ she will know with whom to discuss it. Thirdly, it will avoid duplication of effort, because, you will agree that a committee can discuss, advice, take decisions etc. but work (sending an email is also work!) can be done only by an individual. Fourthly, process owners and process teams will sunbstantially reduce the likelyhood of breakdowns. Naturally, all processes owned up will make sure that the outcome will happen…. no matter what !… thats why the proesses owners!!


Please do not equate the owning up a process with work to be done. For that you will have process teams. The Process Owner defines the inputs to the process, the manner in which the process is to be carried out, the focus and outcome of the process and ensures that whatever happens within the process team, the process is

continued to be carried out. A Process owner is a rallying point for the Process team and a contact point for other Process owners.And, you do not have to have an expertise in the process (You have to have the conviction and the stand, though!). The expertise can be available in the process team. Your expertise will develop along the journey. So, you can own up at-site guardianship coordination…legal form standardisation… campus self sufficiency … virtually any process …. sitting anywhere in the world. As more and more people are joining different committees, you can find as many process hands as you need. (In fact, the Baalm-everyone group already have 168 people lookin to play a role.)During the last All hands meeting, I saw people wanting to contribute in several ways. There was apprehension that owning up a process will restrict the avenues for contribution available to them. NO… it does not!!… The opportunities for contribution are unlimited. Please be in the process teams of as many processes as you intend to contribute to… and support the respective process owners. In effect, I too am a member (Albeit, a sleeping one) of every process team. But First, take up the baton of any one committee or ownership of any one process.So, I invite you to take three actions–


1. Examine the processes enumerated below…. choose ownership of any one process,2. Examine the processes of all committees…. choose to join as many process teams as you like.  Isn’t being in a committee without consciously making the above choice is akin to watching a match from the stands instead of playing in the feild?3. write down your email ID and the cade/ name of the chosen process in the comment to this note….. Thank you for being exraordinary. Hope our combined work will result in a better world.P.S. The list of processes is given below. If you think that some processes need to be added/ deleted, Pl. advise.
Beneficiary Identification and Admissions Committee (BIAC)

  • BIAC 1 Request Form Collection
  • BIAC 2 Admission Administration
  • BIAC 3 Dispatching Request Forms
  • BIAC 4 Coordination with Local Administration
The BIAC teams painstaking efforts... We are all proud of your dedication

The BIAC teams painstaking efforts… We are all proud of your dedication

Campus development Committee (CDC)

  • CDC 1 Accommodation Development
  • CDC 2 Campus Activities Planning
  • CDC 3 Campus Activities Development
  • CDC 4 Campus Beautification
  • CDC 5 Campus Self Sufficiency

Curriculum Management Committee (CMC)

  • CMC 1 Nearby School Admissions
  • CMC 2 Staff Recruitment
  • CMC 3 Health Regime planning and Implementation
  • CMC 4 Extra curricular Activities Planning and Implementing
  • CMC 5 Special skills development
  • CMC 6 Environmental Awareness Sensitisation
  • CMC 7 Social Responsibility Sensitisation
  • CMC 8 Educational Progress & Monitoring

children applying for balm school

Internet and Communications Committee (ICC)

  • ICC 1 Social Media Coordination
  • ICC 2 Print Media Coordination
  • ICC 3 Internal Communication
  • ICC 4 Data collection and distribution
  • ICC 5 Campus Communication Maintenance
  • ICC 6 Meeting organization
  • ICC 7 Audio Visual media coordination

GuardianshipCoordination Committee (GCC)

  • GCC 1 Responding to offers for assistance
  • GCC 2 Approving guardianship
  • GCC 3 At- site support coordination
  • GCC 4 Baalm school Guardianship coordination
  • GCC 5 Breakdown handling
  • GCC 6 Infant Care

    Relatives and Neighbours of children

    Relatives and Neighbours of children


Legal Processing Committee (LPC)

  • LPC-1 Identifying Legal Requirements
  • LPC-2 Ensuring Legal Compliance
  • LPC 3 Document standardisation
  • LPC 4 Document Execution
  • LPC 5 Documentation

Support Mobilisation Committee (SMC)

  • SMC 1 New support channels identification
  • SMC 2 Updating presentations
  •  SMC 3 Making presentations
  • SMC 4 IIT D AA coordination
  • SMC 5 Other IITs  AAs Coordination
  • SMC 6 Other Institutes’ AAs’ coordination
  • SMC 7 Promises’ Tracking
  • SMC 8 Budget Allocation
  • SMC 9 Technology and Automation
  • SMC 10 Accounting
  • SMC 11 Auditing
  • SMC 12 Scheduling visits to schools


Selection Process (ONLINE) for Boundaryless World Fellowship

The Details of the Fellowship. Fellowship commences on Oct 8, 2018. Register for Seminar in Delhi on Sep 22, 23

To understand Boundaryless Initiative, study the First Document and other Study Material.

On the basis of your study Answer these short questions. Thereafter, we shall fix a Video interaction as final step for selection.