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Scope of EFG

1) Emotional – Financial Guardianship(EFG)

EFG of Baalm children is not a legal adoption and is limited to supporting the child emotionally and financially and providing her academic and other guardianship at least till she passes the 12th class and preferably till the child is on his own. The Aspirant Guardian is to agree with the view that

(i) It is collective responsibility of a generation that the next generation is educated, and

(ii) Taking care of children who have lost their parents is not charity …it is responsibility. Thus, the Act of assuming Guardianship is not about the Guardian, it is about the child.

2)Scope of Emotional Guardianship (EG)

Emotional Guardianship encompasses being in communication with child on regular basis, being available, if child wants to talk any time, monitoring and guiding child’s academic progress, monitoring health and well-being of child on continuous basis, providing love, care and emotional security to child, ensuring that the child is not abused or harmed in any form, accepting, understanding and resolving the behavioural issues and problems of the child, allowing the child to grow in his/her own individuality etc.- as one would provide for one’s biological children.

EG also requires arranging (that includes expenses incurred) of child’s visit to EG, If permitted by Legal Guardian/ Baalm School, cooperating with and supporting the legal guardian to protect the rights of the child with respect to his/her inherited property, and ensuring that any compensation/assistance received from any other quarter etc. is utilised for the sole benefit

3)Additional Scope of EG of Children Admitted in Baalm School

Visiting child at Baalm School with family and staying with the child periodically, vacation planning for the child, coordination with Baalm school administration regarding educational progress and well-being of child, Identifying child’s special interests, identifying opportunities for the child and facilitating

4)Scope of Financial Guardianship (FG)

Financial Guardianship encompasses Expenditure during schooling(from present to class 12th) – At child’s native place or at Baalm school – and includes school fee, School dresses, Clothes, Curriculum books, Living expenditure, Medical expenses, FG’s trips to meet the child and child’s trip to meet FG, etc.

The expenses in Financial Guardianship are for Basic and necessary requirements only. However, if one wants to do more than that, there is no restriction. The Financial Guardianship, not being charity, does not involve any Tax benefits.

5) Additional Scope of FG of Children Admitted in Baalm School

It also includes hostel expenses, expenses on study tours etc. organised by Baalm school, pocket expenses for the child, FG’s trips to meet the child and vice-versa, child’s visit to his native place etc. Children who have been recommended to be admitted to Baalm school at a later date will be supported by

6) In addition to above, at the choice of the Aspirant Guardian, FG may also extend to Expenditure during college/professional course in India or abroad, specialized sports or other coaching in India or abroad, Expenditure after college/professional course till child is financially independent, Expenditure towards support in setting up a business, Expenditure towards Marriage expenses etc. as one would provide for one’s biological children.

7) To Begin with the contribution per child per month is being provisionally pegged at Rs. 5000/- (Rs. 4000/- pm towards living and hostel expenses etc. and Rs. 1000/- pm for meeting children’s individual needs. The sum of Rs. 1000/- will accumulate in child’s rolling account and will be used only when the need arises/ for child’ pocket expenses etc.)

8) At present the Baalm children are going to nearby schools. Therefore, the Tuition expenses are little. However, whenever Baalm’s residential school becomes operational, the teaching/ maintenance and other expenses will increase. During future reviews, to maintain feasibility, the amount may need to be increased (due to inflation etc.) or decrease (due to the Baalm campus becoming more self sufficient or greater collections towards Kitchen expenses).


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