About Boundaryless Initiative
Here I will try to briefly summarise the nature and purpose of the Boundaryless Initiative.

· Broadly, we can say that the peaceful and law abiding Boundryless initiatives is an initiative for, of and by the 7 billions ordinary human beings presently living and several billions to be born.

· The Boundaryless Initiative aspires that any human Being born ever after lives his life and chooses his endeavours as his self-expression and not due to whatever compulsions of surviving.

· The objective of the “Boundaryless initiative” is to create a “Boundarylessworld”.

What is Boundaryless WORLD??

· Broadly speaking, Boundaryless world is a world that works for everyone. In other words, it is an attempt to understand why is the world the way it is and to figure out if there is a better way to organise the world – in particular, the processes and bases of production, exchange, distribution, consumption etc.