Welcome to the Boundaryless Initiative

The objective of the Boundaryless Initiative is to create a Boundaryless World. The Boundaryless Initiative is intended to overcome the artificial boundaries we create amongst ourselves.

Baalm, Sabka Ghar or Boundaryless Initiative (Creating a Boundaryless World) is neither about charity nor is it an organisation. It is a ‘network’ of human beings willing to assume responsibility (in varying degree) for the future of humanity. The following is the scheme of Boundaryless Initiative :


His finished ‘product’:



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4 Responses to Welcome to the Boundaryless Initiative

  1. Bodh Saraswat

    Mr. Muneesh, Varun, Anuradha and others


    Bodh Saraswat

  2. Dinesh Chaudhary

    Thanks to Bodh, Prakash Da and Munesh sir
    For working to create boundary less world.

  3. Y S Bhatnagar

    My first visit to sabka ghar has left deep impression in my heart. a truly inspiring effort for a better world. Many thanks to Munesh Ji, Prakash Da and all others at sabka ghar .
    Y S Bhatnagar

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